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Cheap Party Ice Buckets

Keep your drinks cool with one of our Ice Buckets!

 Whether you're hosting an indoor or outdoor party, an Ice Bucket is a must.  No one wants a lukewarm beverage, so keep an ice bucket around for your guests convenience.  Our ice buckets are made of sturdy plastic, so they can be reused for all of your parties!  
Ice buckets add a little class and sophistication to your party.  Don't serve your ice straight out of ice cube trays - that can be unsanitary.  Instead, opt for our clean ice cube buckets.  This Clear Plastic Ice Bucket will fit any party theme.  Take your ice straight from the freezer, and place it in bucket.  Allow your guests to chill their beverages as they please.  
Our ice buckets can also be used as containers for sodas, bottled water, and other beverages.  Keep drinks cold all day by filling the ice bucket with ice, then scattering the drinks around as necessary.  We offer Medium Sized Ice Buckets, and Large Sized Ice Buckets, which are available in a variety of colors.  For your other drinkware needs, like coasters or tumblers, check out our Party Drinkware category.

Cheap Ice Buckets for Parties and Events

Whether you are looking for a funky colored Ice Bucket to match your theme or something a little more plain and elegant, we have you covered. Place an ice bucket in the center of your catered tables with a bottle of cold wine to keep you thirsty guests at ease. You can also prepare the drink table with Ice Buckets for you guests to create a drink as they wish. Whatever the use or purpose, these Ice Buckets are a party necessity. And if you would really like to impress your guests, fill a clear ice bucket with some custom ice cubes for a truly unique party accessory. If you need something bigger than an ice bucket for your party you may want to pick up an inflatable drink cooler which come in all shapes and sizes included one that looks like an inflatable palm tree.