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Red Carpet Runner Red Carpet Runner
Our Price: $7.99

Filmstrip Decorating Material Filmstrip Decorating Material
Our Price: $31.99

The Star Peel-N-Place looks great, fits nearly any party theme, and let's party goers know they're all stars!  They can be used on the floor, walls, window, or anywhere you can find a smooth, flat surface. Star Peel N Place Decal
Our Price: $2.07

Theatrical Gloves Theatrical Gloves
Our Price: $1.67

Black Velour Fedora Black Velour Fedora
Our Price: $2.84

Awards Night Male Statuette Awards Night Male Statuette
Our Price: $6.80

Starry Night Backdrop Starry Night Backdrop
Our Price: $16.99

VIP Goody Bag VIP Goody Bag
Our Price: $2.95

Hollywood Insta-View Hollywood Insta-View
Our Price: $6.39

Jointed Lamppost Jointed Lamppost
Our Price: $6.20

Skyline Backdrop Skyline Backdrop
Our Price: $16.99

Red Rope Stanchion Set Red Rope Stanchion Set
Our Price: $71.99

Paparazzi Props (2/pkg) Paparazzi Props (2/pkg)
Our Price: $5.99

VIP Backdrop VIP Backdrop
Our Price: $16.99

Red Carpet Insta-Mural Red Carpet Insta-Mural
Our Price: $7.80

Cityscape Backdrop Cityscape Backdrop
Our Price: $16.99

Paparazzi Backdrop Paparazzi Backdrop
Our Price: $16.99

Glitz 'N Gleam Fedora Glitz 'N Gleam Fedora
Our Price: $7.19
Trophy Cup Award (silver) Trophy Cup Award (silver)
Our Price: $6.80

Decorative Filmstrip, 3 inch Decorative Filmstrip
Our Price: $6.60

Gold Foil Awards Night Star Gold Foil Awards Night Star
Our Price: $1.60

Disco Ball Bead Curtain Disco Ball Bead Curtain
Our Price: $13.59

Movie Set Clapboard Movie Set Clapboard
Our Price: $3.80

Gold Star Cascade Gold Star Cascade
Clearance Price: $5.00
Big Bucks Cutout $100 Bill Big Bucks Cutout $100 Bill
Our Price: $1.00

Gold Custom Banner Kit Gold Custom Banner Kit
Our Price: $10.00

Movie Set Cutouts (4/pkg) Movie Set Cutouts (4/pkg)
Our Price: $3.99

Glittered Microphone Glittered Microphone
Our Price: $2.39

Black-Tie Ballroom Floor Backdrop Black-Tie Ballroom Floor Backdrop
Factory Direct Price: $4.89

VIP Entrance Yard Sign VIP Entrance Yard Sign
Our Price: $3.19

Multi-Color Star Centerpiece Multi-Color Star Centerpiece
Clearance Price: $2.38

Black Evening Gloves Black Evening Gloves
Our Price: $4.79

Paper Popcorn Boxes (8/pkg) Paper Popcorn Boxes (8/pkg)
Our Price: $2.60

Star Backdrop Star Backdrop
Our Price: $16.99

Popcorn Bags (25/pkg) Popcorn Bags (25/pkg)
Our Price: $2.39

Trophy Cup Award Trophy Cup Award
Our Price: $6.80
Red Metallic Star Stringer Star Stringer
Factory Direct Price: $0.68
Filmstrip Whirls (3/pkg) Filmstrip Whirls (3/pkg)
Our Price: $4.40

Twirly Whirly - Red (6/pkg) Red Twirly Whirly (6/pkg)
Our Price: $4.20

VIP Entrance Sign VIP Entrance Sign
Our Price: $1.20

Foil Star Place Cards Foil Star Place Cards
Our Price: $2.15

Awards Night Door Panel Awards Night Door Panel
Our Price: $6.39

Celebrity Limo Parking Yard Sign Celebrity Limo Parking Yard Sign
Clearance Price: $4.50

Awards Night Door Curtain Awards Night Door Curtain
Our Price: $9.20

Awards Night Star Statuette Awards Night Star Statuette
Our Price: $6.20

Movie Set Stringer Movie Set Stringer
Our Price: $1.60

Movie Camera Photo/Balloon Holder Movie Camera Photo/Balloon Holder
Our Price per Holder: $3.99

Large Foil Golden Ticket Large Foil Golden Ticket
Our Price: $2.15

Metallic Silver Star Bead Curtain Metallic Silver Star Bead Curtain
Clearance Price: $8.50

Gold Deluxe Star Fan Gold Deluxe Star Fan
Our Price: $4.40
Silver Deluxe Star Fan Silver Deluxe Star Fan
Our Price: $4.40

1-Ply Green Gleam N Column 1-Ply Green Gleam N Column
Clearance Price: $7.00

Hollywood Party Supplies, Decorations & Ideas

Hollywood Party Decorations

Your guests will walk the red carpet just like their favorite stars!

Create a must attend event with our Hollywood & Red Carpet party supplies and decorations. Need to decorate for a Hollywood prom theme or a fun adult Hollywood awards theme? Browse our large selection of red carpet party supplies and decorations.

Use the Black-Tie Insta-Theme to instantly transform your room into a red carpet theme party or event. Our Red Carpet -Hollywood theme can be used nearly any type of party including prom themes, weddings, and even a Baby Showers.

Let your guests know where they should sit with the Awards Night Place Cards and hand out clapboard decorations, and our high quality centerpieces will make your tables look Marvelous! Our wide selection of Hollywood party supplies caters to every taste and every style.

We have the high quality, bargain priced Hollywood and Red Carpet party decorations and supplies you need to make your next Hollywood party or event a success.

Hollywood and Red Carpet Party Decorations & Ideas

To make your guests feel like they are getting the Hollywood star treatment, line your walkway or entrance with a red carpet runner. To make your guests feel extra special, add our Peel-N-Place Hollywood Stars and personalize the stars with a permanent marker with each guests name.

Place the Awards Night Yard Sign (add a yard spot light for extra affect) near the entrance to inform your guests where they can park their “limos”. Decorate interior walls with black and gold curtains with stars for a high end, elegant feel.

An invitation to the Oscar's might be hard to get, but our Awards Night Invitations aren't and make great memorabilia. The Awards Night Star Statuette is perfect for the special awards you have throughout the night.

Make your tables look like part of a production with Movie Reel with Filmstrip Centerpieces. For your favors you can use the Awards Night Mini Gift Bags. Send you guests home with Gold or Silver Star Beads and Hollywood Clapboard Racket Raise ‘N Noisemakers.