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Hanging Doilies

Party Cheap Items:

Other Items:

  • Your choice of ribbon or string
  • Stapler

How To

To make one strand of these hanging doilies, cut a piece of ribbon or string to the length you prefer. Arrange your doilies into six stacks of ten. Take one stack of doilies and place them on the end the ribbon in the middle. Staple the doilies onto the ribbon. Then take another stack of doilies and place them on the other side of the ribbon, hiding it in the middle of the doilies. Staple them together. Crinkle the doilies to your liking and them pull them apart to create a flowery look. After crinkling the doilies, the staples should not be visible. Repeat with the rest of the doilies in the middle and at the other end of the string.