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Giftwrap Supplies and Accessories

GiftwrapYou're never too old to tear off the wrapping paper on your gift wrapped present! And who doesn't like ripping off the wrapping paper of a present? We offer a variety of different colors of gift wrap. However if you are not so keen on wrapping the present you bought and prefer to use a bag with gift wrap or gleam n shreds we've got that too!

Whether you are using your gift wrap for wrapping a present or to fill a bag you can use it for arts and crafts too! Our gleam n shreds come in a variety of colors that are great to stuff in Easter baskets and Christmas stockings! Whatever you decide you need giftwrap supplies for you can't beat our prices and variety! Check out all of our giftwrap supplies now to see what you need!

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Gleam N Wrap Metallic Sheets (3/pkg) Select Color
Retail Price: $3.00
Our Price: $2.40
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Gleam N Wrap Metallic Sheets (3/pkg) Select Color
Gleam N Wrap Metallic Sheets (3/pkg) Select Color


Creative Ideas To Use Gift Wrap

graduation bagIf you are looking for some new craft ideas that won't cost too much how about some gift wrap crafts? Gift wrap is inexpensive and you can create so much with it! Gift wrap flowers are a great craft to do with your kids, students or just for fun with friends! You can create paper flowers in bright colors, patterned papers and put them in a vase to spruce up your house in the summer! All you need is the paper! (you can use paper or a green pipe cleaner as the stem)

First you choose a color that you want your flower to be and evenly spread out two to three sheets of the gift wrap or tissue paper. Then you bend the paper back and forth like an accordion, making each fold about an inch wide. Then you fold the sheets in half end to end. For the stem you use two sheets and fold them several times so its about an inch or two thin. Then you will fold the stem paper in half through the folded flower part. Then once the stem is pulled through evenly twist the stem part up real tight. (you can put a dab of craft glue on the tips of the stem where the ends meet to hold it it place). Starting with the top or the bottom you fan out the paper of the flower part so no sheets are stuck together. Then you make a few more of the same color or different color; pop them in a vase and you're all set!