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Easter / Spring Wall Decorations & Ideas

Party Cheap Items:

Additional Items:

  • Duck tape
  • Sticky-tack

How To:

Begin decorating your walls for Easter or for spring by hanging the Purple Metallic Curtain on the door frame, separating it in the middle and holding back both sides with tape and a spring themed cutout. Then put up on the wall, with tape or sticky-tack, our picket fence and large tissue bunny cutout. Depending on how much wall space you have to decorate you can combine all the scenes in one or separate them to decorate the entire room instead of one location. If you are going to do another wall scene start with our white picket fence in back and our red and yellow art tissue tulips and hold them to the wall with tape or sticky-tack. Then you can choose to hang more metallic purple curtain and hold the sides back with little spring cutouts or just attach cutouts around the top of the scene. You can also use the sunflower and daisy tissue fans to hang on the wall in a juxtapose position. This is great way for you to kick off your springtime decorating. There are some many small changes that you can make with some of other Easter or springtime decorations to make this your own decoration.