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Doilie Paper Lantern

Party Cheap Items:

Additional Items:

  • Glue (tacky or craft glue)

How To

To begin creating the doilie paper lantern start off with first following the direction on the paper lantern package to assemble a white paper lantern. After you have it fully assembled you will begin gluing the doilies onto the bottom of the lantern first. Be prepared to get sticky because you will probably get glue on your fingers! Take the craft or tacky glue and spread out glue in a circle on an area about 5 inches big on the bottom half closest to the center opening. Then take a doilie and stick it on the glue making sure that about an inch of the end is hanging off the bottom of the lantern. You will do this all the way around the bottom layer. For the next layer begin to glue on a doilie on halfway on top of the first layer of doilies around the bottom row. Make sure you start this section with the first doilie being over top of two doilies from the first row. Make sure before gluing the doilie down you make sure a portion of the doilie nearest the end is not being glued to the lantern. Continue to glue doilies onto the lantern continuing in the same manner until the lantern is covered. To complete the look of overlapping doilies with the last layer, cut four doilies. Make the cuts only taking about a fourth out of each of them and make the cuts out of each doilie slightly rounded to lay nicely around the opening at the top of the lantern. Glue only about half of the doilie to the lantern making sure that some of the edging isn't attached. Once you have finished take the fishing wire from the lantern package and use it to hang. The lantern will show signs of glue through the doilies for about 15 minutes but after drying will be clear.