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How To Make Halloween Hanging Ghosts

Party Cheap Items

Additional Items:

  • Construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue Dots

How To

Decorating for a kid-friendly Halloween party and not sure where to start? Learn how to create your own Tissue Bell Ghosts because a Halloween party isnt complete without hanging ghosts from your ceiling. Our DIY tissue ghosts are affordable and easy to make a great activity to get your kids excited for Halloween!

We simply took our popular White Westminster Bells, which comes in many sizes, and draped a Spooky Cloth over top of the white tissue bells to add a ghoulish effect.

Then, take colored construction paper and cut out circular eyes and mouths for your hanging Halloween tissues ghosts. Next, take your eyes and mouths and attach them to the white tissue bells using Glue Dots (these can be found at your local craft store.)

How To Make Halloween Ghost Decorations