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Christmas Crackers

Christmas Crackers

When you make Christmas crackers a part of your holiday tradition, you bring a decoration, a game, and a present all in one little festive package. Break open some fun at your next Christmas celebration with a couple boxes of genuine Christmas crackers. If you’ve been searching for something fun and festive for Christmas, make Christmas crackers your new family holiday tradition. This page gives you some great ideas for uses of many different sized Christmas crackers, so you can pick the right one for your celebration!

What are Christmas Crackers?

Christmas crackers are a traditional holiday treat invented by Tom Smith in London, England in the mid-1800’s. They became an important part of British Christmas tradition during Victorian times. Since then, popularity has expanded to include many other countries, including the United States and Canada. Each Christmas cracker is made from a thin tube of cardboard, covered in a merry and bright wrapping paper. To reach the fun found inside your Christmas crackers, grab a friend, take each end, and pull hard to open the tube and create a fun “snapping” sound.

The snap in a Christmas cracker is made by two thin strips of cardboard with a dab of aggregate material on one end of each piece. When you pull on each end, the friction created by the tugging action causes the aggregate-treated pieces to rub together and make a small but surprising snapping sound. Each Christmas cracker is filled with fabulous goodies, including: a brightly-colored tissue crown, a small toy or game, and a goofy riddle or corny joke.

How To Use a Christmas Cracker

To make Christmas crackers a part of your holiday season, you will first need to decide how you want to use your

Christmas Stocking Cutouts

Christmas crackers. Are you giving them as party favors, are they strictly decorations, or are you planning on using them as both? Medium size Christmas crackers, about the size of a toilet paper roll, are ideal for lying across a dinner plate. It will instantly transform any holiday tableware into a lovely Christmas display. When your guests are all gathered around the table, they will each have a little surprise to get them in the holiday mood. Smaller sizes are great for stocking stuffers or Christmas tree decorations. As you and your guests are sitting around the tree, the little ones will have fun pulling their mini Christmas crackers. If you want to take the time to make a Christmas cracker out of a large piece of poster board, you can even have it be the wrapping for a gift.

Christmas Favor BoxesWhen it’s time to open presents, kids and adults alike will enjoy taking turns removing a Christmas cracker from the tree and finding the treats hidden inside. But make sure you have enough Christmas crackers for everyone, because once you open one you’ll have to keep yourself from opening them all! They're inexpensive, fun to use, and a great holiday surprise for everyone. Check out all of PartyCheap's Christmas decorations that can accent your Christmas crackers. Use our cutouts as name tags and Christmas stickers as designs on your crackers themselves! However you decide to use your Christmas crackers, make sure you get enough for all of your guests!