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Very Hungry Caterpillar Hanging Decorations

Party Cheap Items:

Additional Items:

  • Tape
  • Yellow and Green Construction Paper
  • Tacks (small wall hooks to hang caterpillar)

How To:

Bring the favorite Children's Book to life by creating a life size "Hungry Caterpillar" to hang up in the classroom's reading corner! Create this fun caterpillar by first setting up all the lanterns by following the directions on the packages. You will need five or all six of the green lanterns and only one of the red for the face. Next cut out eyes with the yellow and green construction paper; make sure the oval eyes aren't perfect ovals. For the mouth cut out a triangle shape but again make sure the triangle isn't shaped perfectly. You can adhere the eyes and mouth to the red lantern like in the picture with tape or glue. Next, begin to connect the lanterns together to make the caterpillar. Do so by taping together a hooked end of a lantern and a non hooked end of another lantern to connect the caterpillar. Secure the connecting sections with tape. Taking the fishing wire that is in the lantern packages attach fishing wire to three different sections of the caterpillar (suggestion: 2 paper lantern, 4 lantern and last lantern). Then take the tacks or hooks to hang the caterpillar and place them on the wall. The first and last tacks or hooks should be placed on the wall slightly lower than the middle one. Lastly, take the fishing wire and attach it to the hook or tie a knot and tack it to the wall! Student's will be anxious to get reading under the watchful eye of the "Hungry Caterpillar!"