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Beach Door Decorating Ideas

Party Cheap Items:

Additional Items:

  • "Hang Ten" letters
  • Green foam
  • Construction paper or googly eyes
  • Tape

How To

Decorate any classroom door or door for an under the sea themed party with this great Hang Ten Door Decorating Idea! Start out by hanging up the blue tablecover on the door to create an oceanic background for all your under the sea critters. Tighten the tablecover and secure it with some tape. Cut out a hole for your doorknob. Next, drape some of our natural white fish netting over the door however you'd like and print out some letters to spell out "Hang Ten" (or any other phrase). Cut them out and hang them up with tape. Add the fern leaf lei to the scene by hanging it on your doorknob. After that, hang up all of your sea creatures. Gather your choice of plastic seashells, tissue bubble fish, art-tissue lobster, and assorted plastic fish. Place them variously over the door by attaching tape to their backs and sticking them up. Finally, make the octopus that is shown at the bottom of the door. Cut a circle out of some green foam (or any other color you prefer). Attach a pair of googly eyes with some tape or make your own eyes out of construction paper by cutting two circles out of white construction paper and two smaller circles out of black construction paper. Attach the black circles to the white ones with tape and tape the eyes to the foam. Then, make the octopus's legs with our green crepe streamer (or any other color you prefer). Cut eight equal lengths of streamer. Attach them to the back of the foam octopus head with tape. Hang your new octopus to the door with tape and be sure to also tape up his legs so they are not falling down! Your students or guests will be sure to love this cute under the sea decoration!