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Balloon and Streamer Wall Decorations

Party Cheap Items:

Additional Items:

  • Tape

How To

Create a super simple backdrop for birthday parties, weddings, holidays, and more! This wall decoration is a quick and easy way to transform your dull, white walls into a bright party backdrop. Begin by hanging up your crepe streamers in a pattern. Twist each streamer a couple times to add texture, and attach the top and bottom to your wall with tape. We started with a Cerise Crepe Streamer, then a Yellow Crepe Streamer, and finally an Orange Crepe Streamer. Repeat this pattern until you have covered your wall sufficiently. Then, inflate your balloons and hang them up in a different pattern; we started with a Yellow Latex Balloon, then Light Pink Latex Balloon, and finally an Orange Latex Balloon. Tape them to the wall so that they cover the top of the streamers. Now you can marvel at your simple, yet beautiful wall decoration!