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Bachelorette Favor Table Decorations & Ideas

Party Cheap Items:

Additional Items:

  • Tape

How To

Start out by putting one of the zebra print tablecovers on the table you're planning to use as your bachelorette favor table. Hang the other zebra print tablecover behind the table to use it as a fun animal print backdrop. Next, tape up the Bachelorette Satin Sash on the front of the table. Then drape the Cerise Indoor/Outdoor Pennant Banner across your zebra print backdrop and tape or pin it up. Next, take out three of the zebra print bowls and place them at the front of your table. Fill them with gold, white, and purple party beads so that your guests will have some fun favors to take home after the party. Then take out your martini shot glasses and arrange them to your liking in the middle of the table. These also make fun favors for your guests to take with them. Finally, put the Stud Finder Royal Scepter at one back corner of the table and the Black Beads with Hottie Alert Horn on the opposite back corner.