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Awards Night Table Decorations

Party Cheap Items:

Additional Items:

  • Tape

How To

Start out by placing one of the black and gold tablecovers on the table you're planning to use. Take the other tablecover and hang it up behind the table you're using as a black and gold backdrop. Next, sprinkle some of your gold stars confetti on the table. Place the Movie Set Clapboard at the back of the table, leaning against the wall. Put the Awards Night Male Statuette in front of the Clapboard, in the center of the table. Place your photo/balloon holders on opposite sides of the table. Put down a place setting for each guest at the party that consists of one of the Hollywood Lights Lunch Plates and one of the Hollywood Lights Hot/Cold Cups. Finally, using some strong tape, attach the 1 Ply FR Metallic Table Skirting to the Front of the table.