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Asian Classroom Decorations

Are you a teacher preparing to teach a section on the Far East? Or perhaps Asia is just one part of your International curriculum. Well you have come to the right place because we are going to show you how to decorate your bulletin boards and walls with cheap Asian decorations that will captivate your students without breaking your budget. You can mix and match any of our Asian decorations to create just the look you want.Traditional Chinese decorations use a lot of red and gold colors. The color red means good luck in the Chinese culture and gold represents wealth and happiness. This colors are prominently displayed during Chinese New Year celebrations. The red and gold colors are carried through all of our Chinese decorations including the red and gold jointed dragon (unlike European legends where dragons are bad, in China dragons represent strength and good luck).

To provide a base layer for your Chinese classroom decorations use red construction paper an accept it with gold trim. You can see in the Asian theme bulletin board below they used the Gold Custom Banner Kit to create a welcome banner for their guest. The contrast of bright gold foil on a solid red background is very eye catching. You could also incorporate gold foil whirls to hang from the ceiling and create custom Chinese decorations from gold foil metallic sheets. If you want Chinese cutouts we have those too, such as the Chinese Cultural Cutouts and many other cutouts! Remember, use lots of red and gold and you are well on your way to a Chinese theme bulletin board.

Classroom Bullitien Board Asian Decorations