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Art Tissue Backdrop

Party Cheap Items:

Additional Items:

  • Tape

How To

Are you looking to brighten up your office? Do you need a colorful backdrop for a Sweet Sixteen or another birthday party? Maybe you are looking for a fun decoration for at the upcoming event at your company? Then transform your dull space into beautiful and vibrant one by making this backdrop using some of our tissue items such as, fans, streamers and garland. Hang up a mixture of Yellow, Cerise, Light Blue, and Lavender Streamers on your wall. Twist them, scrunch them, or ruffle them to create texture within your backdrop. To fill the white spaces, hang up different strands of Tissue Leaf Garland using tape. To finish off your backdrop, hang up the Art Tissue Fans in a pattern across the top of your wall this will add decoration, but can also cover up the tape at the top. You could substitute some of the tissue fans with tissue balls or even balloons. We offer a variety of assorted colored tissue items and balloons that will be sure to go along with the colors and theme of your party or event. If you are looking for easy party decorating ideas and decorations at a discounted price then look no further!