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50's Door Decorations

Party Cheap Items:

Additional Items:

  • Tape

How To:

Throwing a '50's themed birthday party? Decorate cheaply and easily with our door decorations! This decoration is guaranteed to take your door from bland to beautiful in a matter of minutes, and wont break your budget in the process! Start decorating with this 50's Soda Shop Backdrop. Wrap it around your door, so it covers the face of the door, and secure it in place with tape. Also cut out a hole for the door knob. To capture 50's culture, embellish your door with a Jukebox Cutout and Jointed Car Hop, which can be easily hung up with tape. Hang these Music Note Silhouettes up for added decoration. Finish off by decorating the doorway, too. Hang two packs of Plastic Records around the edge of the doorway for a snazzy 50's door decoration!